What You Can Expect...

At Mile High Hypnosis we are dedicated to your ease of mind and quickly facilitating the improvements you desire. When you walk into our downtown Greeley office you will notice a relaxing environment shared by hypnotists, massage therapists, weight loss specialists and, as you’ll see in our lobby, a professional herbalists' apothecary, fully stocked with herbs and aromas for any condition. We have ionic foot cleanse, a hydro-table, an Infra- Slim machine, and a full body, “no touch” massage chair, where you can completely relax your body as you prepare to optimize your mind. Hypnosis is a natural process used for hundreds of years and you are ALWAYS in control. You will hear every word and you do NOT lose consciousness or become a mindless zombie as TV or Hollywood might suggest. If nervous you can arrange for a video tape of the hypnotic portion of your session. We are committed to making your experience a productive and comforting one.


We Specialize In...

Smoking Cessation

Whether you have been smoking for two years or 50 years, spending only three hours with our Certified Hypnotist can turn your overwhelming desire to smoke into an overwhelming desire NOT to smoke. Of all the ways studied, “hypnosis was the best way to stop smoking and to stay stopped,” according to New Scientist Magazine. Your initial phone consult with us is FREE. During that call we will determine what kind of a smoker you are, then, together we will take the steps to finally stomp out the need for tobacco. We understand that money can be an issue, but at Mile High Hypnosis our concern is YOU. Think of the money you will save after you have quit, but just as important, think of the life you will LIVE. Be sure to ask about our group sessions or our sliding scale, or something; but please, don’t let cost keep you from stopping. Call us and we can work it out together.​

Weight Management

Mile High Hypnosis can help you change the way you think about food. When eating is better understood by the mind, the process of eating works more efficiently. Before you try your next fad diet, let’s get your "mindset" right, let's change your thinking and finally deal with the “why” questions. Why do I overeat? Why can’t I do this? And why is this so hard? Hypnosis can give you the ammo you need to finally change your thoughts, to change your behavior; to change your mind. That’s the key to success. Studies show Americans spend roughly $60 billion a year on diets trying to lose weight- only to have them fail; Adkins, Vegetarian, Alkaline, Blood Type diets, Eat-Clean, Combining diets, Gerson, and the list goes on and on. Many diets seem to work for a while, and then fail, by apparent design, and it almost always makes you feel like it’s YOU that has failed. Then you simply move on to the next fad. We can help stop this viscous circle.

Memory Care and Hospice

Hypnosis has been shown to dramatically increase seven major quality of life issues; concentration, relaxation, motivation, activities of daily living, immediate memory, socialization and memory of significant life events, are all clinically proven to improve with hypnosis.  We now know that hypnosis can help with quality of life issues for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia’s. When you or a family member receives a diagnosis of Dementia of any kind, or when the doctor says you or a loved one only have a few months left to live, and you're forced to make end of life decisions, you will begin to hear, maybe for the very first time, the concept of “quality of life.”  There is a lot you can do mentally to deal, to heal, and to prepare yourself and your family for the future. In fact, hypnosis can help your entire family deal with the sadness and shock of a loved one’s terminal diagnosis. This can impact anyone, so we provide tremendous care for the entire family.

Sports Performance

Anything you can do really well, Mile High Hypnosis can help you do even better! Every athlete uses the concepts of hypnosis to play their sport. But, many successful athletes have no idea that they are even using tried and true hypnotic techniques. Some of the greatest athletes of all time use a certified hypnotherapist to assist with the focus they are looking for. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordon, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicholas, Wayne Gretzky, Mary Lou Retton, all attribute hypnosis to their success. At Mile High Hypnosis we have worked with all types of athletes in almost every sport imaginable as well as athletes of all ages and skill levels. From High School, NCAA, to Olympic, and Professional athletes, Mile High Hypnosis has the experience you are looking for in a mental coach. We specialize across a variety of sports including, but not limited to: bowling, golf, football, baseball, basketball, diving, calf roping, and barrel racing.

Anxiety Issues

At Mile High Hypnosis we believe helping the mind deal with stress and anxiety is as critical to one’s life as a strong beating heart and the remarkable human act of breathing itself. When the BODY is stressed, the mind responds with a very specific reaction, but when the MIND is stressed, the body responds with multiple reactions- reactions shown to cause dis-ease. If you have a disease you can bet the mind is behind it. If you are prone to anxiety or stress, hypnosis IS the answer. So come spend a few minutes in our head to toe, no hands massage chair, FREE with your hypnosis session. You may walk in stressed, but you will walk out with tools that will allow you to manage your stress.

Pain Management

As far back as the Chinese Dynasties, before the invention of Ether or other pain medications, there was Hypnosis.  It has been proven time and time again, that pain can be better understood and minimized with hypnosis. Whether your pain is chronic or temporary, Hypnosis will help. Doctors turn to Mile High Hypnosis when a patient cannot handle traditional forms of pain relief. Some surgeries that require the patient to be awake, such as brain mapping, are now being done with a local analgesic and Hypnosis for pain. Hypnosis when used properly, has shown to assist in healing, pain management, and recovery times. It is now becoming more and more prevalent in pre-operative preparation and preventive medicine.

Hypnotherapy can strengthen and improve:

Memory, Confidence, Breathing, Skills, Talents, Test Taking Abilities, Focus, Mental Attitude, Public Speaking Ability, Motivation, Attention Span, Using Your Potential, Exercise Patterns, Achieving Goals, Study Habits, Assertiveness, Letting Go, Concentration, Interviewing, Self-Actualization, Self-Esteem, Preparation For Surgery, Healing from Surgery, Health Habits, Intensify Imagination, Sports Performance, Golf Game, Tennis Game, Making Better Decisions and Life Choices.

Hypnotherapy can also help with:

Emotional Clearing, Sleeping Problems, Trauma Release, Writer's Block, Stress, Anxiety, Unhappiness, Recurring Headaches, Chronic Pain, Nail Biting, Addictions, Tooth Grinding, Hearing Problems, Easy Childbirth, Irritable Digestion, Shyness, Blushing, Fears, Arthritis, Skin Problems, Self-Sabotage, Relationship Problems, Illness, Tension, Gambling, Guilt, Panic Attacks, Ulcers, Obsessive Tendencies, Worrying, Dental Fears, Finding Lost Articles, Memory Improvement, Time Management, Problem Solving, Food-Related Issues, Attention Difficulties, High Blood Pressure, Auto-Immune Problems, Analgesia, Chronic Weariness, Stuttering, Procrastination, Stage Fright, Work Performance, Fulfillment, Personal Growth and more.

Hypnotherapy can facilitate:

Release of Emotional Traumas from Childhood, An Easier Experience with Chemotherapy, An Easier Experience with end of life and Hospice coping skills for the whole family, Allergy and Asthma Release, Ability to Grieve Effectively, Pinpoint Regression,  and Access To Your Untapped Mental Abilities.

Truly, the beneficial uses of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are only limited by the imagination.

A recent study shows without a doubt that hypnosis has an amazing effect on the quality of life in Alzheimer's clients. Mile High Hypnosis is committed to forging progress in the field.

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