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"It is my sincere aspiration that everyone who enters Mile High Hypnosis leaves a much better person and is better equipped to handle life's challenges. Don't worry, you probably won't even cluck like a chicken."

                              -Patrick Kelly C.Ht.


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Memory Care

My 4th DUI and I was in big trouble. Three sessions at Mile High Hypnosis and the transformation was remarkable. Four years later and I have my life back wine free!

Becky T.

Longmont, CO 

We have known for years, that with hypnosis the quality of life will improve in dementia/Alzheimer's patients.

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Management
  • Memory Care and Hospice
  • Sports Performance
  • Anxiety Issues
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  • Preventive Health Care
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"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit."
                                        - New Scientist

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We are dedicated to your ease of mind and to quickly facilitating the improvements you desire. Relax in our head-to-toe, "no hands" massage chair as you prepare your body and your mind for hypnosis. This is a natural process perfected over hundreds of years. You will not be a "zombie" as TV or Hollywood might suggest and you are ALWAYS in control. You will hear every word and you do NOT lose consciousness. At Mile High Hypnosis of Greeley, we are committed to making your experience a productive and comforting one.

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The human mind is facinating and its power is remarkable. The abilities of the untapped mind can be better utilized.

We can show you how to access the potential of your mind to make everything you do more effective. Read More

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Mile High Hypnosis has been wonderful! Last week marked the one-year anniversary of my new life.... a life without cigarettes!  I was a smoker for 37 years and decided I wanted to stop for my grandson.  I wanted to quit before he was old enough to remember grandma (me) smelling bad.  You see I have only one memory of my maternal grandfather.... he smelled stinky!  He was a heavy smoker and passed away when I was young.

I did an Internet search and found Patrick Kelly at Mile High Hypnosis.  I called him and we visited about my smoking history and habits.  We made an appointment for the next day.  

I met Patrick at his office in Greeley and he explained how hypnosis works and how it has helped thousands of people quit smoking.  I was very comfortable throughout the process.  I was not "out of it" during our session.... I was fully conscious!  I know this sounds crazy but I had no desire to smoke when our session ended.  To be perfectly honest, the first 24-48 hours were easier than the next few months.  But Patrick had prepared me for the times when I felt weak and every day I survived without a cigarette made me stronger.  Today I hardly ever think of cigarettes but cravings still happen at the strangest times.  I feel very confident that I will continue to overcome those cravings.... and most importantly, I am confident that my grandson does not have a smelly grandma!  That makes me very happy!

I am very grateful that I found Patrick Kelly at Mile High Hypnosis.  He is an accomplished professional in his field.  I could not have quit smoking without Patrick's help!

Kristie M
Greeley, CO