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"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit."
                                        - New Scientist

Mile High Hypnosis

815 West 9th StreetGreeleyCO 80634, USA


My 4th DUI and I was in big trouble. Three sessions at Mile High Hypnosis and the transformation was remarkable. Four years later and I have my life back wine free!

Becky T.

Longmont, CO 

We have known for years, that with hypnosis the quality of life will improve in dementia/Alzheimer's patients.

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"It is my sincere aspiration that everyone who enters Mile High Hypnosis leaves a much better person and is better equipped to handle life's challenges. Don't worry, you probably won't even cluck like a chicken."

                              -Patrick Kelly C.Ht.

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Mile High Hypnosis has been wonderful! Last week marked the one-year anniversary of my new life.... a life without cigarettes!  I was a smoker for 37 years and decided I wanted to stop for my grandson.  I wanted to quit before he was old enough to remember grandma (me) smelling bad.  You see I have only one memory of my maternal grandfather.... he smelled stinky!  He was a heavy smoker and passed away when I was young.

I did an Internet search and found Patrick Kelly at Mile High Hypnosis.  I called him and we visited about my smoking history and habits.  We made an appointment for the next day.  

I met Patrick at his office in Greeley and he explained how hypnosis works and how it has helped thousands of people quit smoking.  I was very comfortable throughout the process.  I was not "out of it" during our session.... I was fully conscious!  I know this sounds crazy but I had no desire to smoke when our session ended.  To be perfectly honest, the first 24-48 hours were easier than the next few months.  But Patrick had prepared me for the times when I felt weak and every day I survived without a cigarette made me stronger.  Today I hardly ever think of cigarettes but cravings still happen at the strangest times.  I feel very confident that I will continue to overcome those cravings.... and most importantly, I am confident that my grandson does not have a smelly grandma!  That makes me very happy!

I am very grateful that I found Patrick Kelly at Mile High Hypnosis.  He is an accomplished professional in his field.  I could not have quit smoking without Patrick's help!

Kristie M
Greeley, CO

Mile High Hypnosis 

Mile High Hypnosis

Mile High Hypnosis owner Patrick Kelly was recently invited to speak at Harvard University as part of a 25 person panel.

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We are focusing our attention on hypnosis and memory care and dementias including Alzheimer's.

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We  base our success on our client's long-term good health and happiness.  

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